Nick Vujicic: Finding Happiness without Arms or Legs

Why was Nick sad as a boy?

  • He knew that he was different and felt very alone.
  • He prayed to God for arms and legs, and he thought God didn’t respond in the way He should have.
  • He started to believe that God didn’t love him, that God didn’t exist, and that maybe he was just born into misery.

What made Nick start to find happiness?

  • He made a decision to be thankful for what he did have, instead of being angry about what he didn’t have.
  • The gift of faith helped Nick begin to believe that God allows difficulties in order that “the works of God would be revealed through him.”- John 9
  • He began to trust that God had a plan for his life too.
  • Nick then found purpose for his life: to share his story of God’s love and not giving up.

What can Nick's story teach us about our own happiness?

  • Real happiness comes from choosing to be thankful and placing our trust in God.
  • When we follow God and trust Him in everything, both the good and the bad, we find joy and meaning.