Animated Catechism: What Is Prayer?

What are we doing with our heart in prayer?

  • We are turning our heart to God. We give our love to Him.

Do your best to name and explain the 3 types of Prayer.

  • Vocal: A conversation with God using words that are memorized or read. If we pray those aloud, then other people can join us.
  • Meditative Prayer (or Mental Prayer): Talking with God about what concerns us, what is in our heart, and what He’s telling us through different texts, events, signs or images.
  • Prayer of the Heart (also called Contemplation): Our heart rests with God and is at peace in His presence.

Name as many of the 6 modes or 'ways' to pray as you can:

  • 1) Blessing: We ask for God’s power and favor upon us and others.
  • 2) Adoration: We reverently gaze upon God’s greatness, almighty power and holiness.
  • 3) Petition: We ask for what we desire.
  • 4) Thanksgiving: We thank God for the many great things He has given us.
  • 5) Intercession: We pray to God on behalf of others, for His favor to be upon them.
  • 6) Praise: We praise God along with all the angels and saints, because He is just so good.