A Police Officer Pursuing a Thief

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Why were the bystanders so confused?

  • Because the chase between the police officer and the thief was unbelievable.
  • They went in one door and instantaneously came out of another door, which is impossible.

How are we similar to those bystanders when it comes to our understanding of what God is doing to pursue our hearts?

  • We get confused too!
  • We wonder how God could really be pursuing us when He allows us to face difficulties, suffering and death.

When everything was resolved at the end, how did the bystanders respond?

  • They smiled when they finally understood what was really happening.

What will happen at the end of our lives when we finally understand God's perfect plan for every moment of our lives?

  • We will rejoice and be grateful for every moment, every joy and every suffering that brought us closer to God’s heart.