Andrew Ucles Catches Venomous Snakes Barehanded

(View segment from 1:01 to 3:50)
Should untrained people catch snakes in this way?

  • No!

What part of a venomous snake is dangerous? Why?

  • Its mouth.
  • The venom it injects when biting can make you sick or even kill you.

In what ways should we treat demons similar to the way we treat venomous snakes?

  • We want to avoid interacting with both demons and venomous snakes, especially avoid their mouths!
  • Just like the mouths of venomous snakes contain poison, the mouths of demons speak lies and temptations that can poison our souls, if we cooperate with them.
  • If you are bitten by a venomous snake, you need immediate medical treatment to counteract the venom.
  • If you give in to a temptation from a demon, you need to immediately ask God’s forgiveness and go to confession to counteract the sin. Sin poisons your soul.

How is an exorcist similar to a snake handler?

  • Snake handlers know well the strengths and weaknesses of snakes and how to keep themselves safe while directly controlling them.
  • Exorcists know the tricks and lies of demons and how to keep themselves safe in a state of grace while performing the exorcism rituals.