Prank: Throwing His Son

Did the dad, mom and son seem to enjoy playing that prank?

  • Yes! It was fun to see people’s startled reactions.

Do you think the boy would have been strong enough to whirl and throw his dad?

  • Nope!

Why do you think that God gave dads the strength and creativity to play with their kids like this?

  • God wants dads and kids to play together.
  • God also wants dads to be able to raise up their kids and delight in them and with them.

God made man in His own image and likeness. The Church teaches that God is a Holy Trinity, a communion of persons in an eternal exchange of love. In order for families to act in God's image, what does each member of the family need to bring to that exchange?

  • Each family member needs to bring his or her own love, strengths, and weaknesses into their family interactions.
  • Each interaction is an opportunity to exchange love by facing difficulties and weaknesses, encouraging and challenging each other, and striving to delight in one another.
  • Children bring their innocence, joy, questions, littleness, and newness.
  • Dads and moms bring their self-sacrifice, warmth, and encouragement.
  • Dads in particular are called to lead the family in loving God and in loving their wife and kids.