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    Family Conquest bonds families with God and each other, before it is too late...13 is the average age a child rejects in his heart his faith and his family!
    If you're looking for a Free & Effective way to have fun with your family, build fulfilling relationships, and pass on the Catholic Faith , then Family Conquest is for you.

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    Mind-Blowing Creature Makes Belief in Jesus in the Eucharist Easy!

    This creature totally appears to be one thing, when it is actually something else! Show your kids! This is video is part of a Family Conquest.

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  • Fuel for the Fire

    The Strong Catholic Dad Podcast

    Michael O'Rourke has been married for 33 years, has 10 kids, 5 grandkids, and a passion for sharing what he's learned about the Catholic Faith, marriage, and fatherhood. His oldest son John-Andrew is married, does not have kids, is too young for grandkids, but is a passionately Catholic filmmaker with a knack for uncovering engaging stories. Together they make up The Strong Catholic Dad Podcast.

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A Dad Discovers His Own Superpower

What superpower do all dads have and too few use? The power to bless their children! Listen to The Blessing […]

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How to Understand and Make Good Use of the Power of the Suffering We Experience in Parenting
Relevant Radio Interview

Here’s what we covered: What do we first need to know in order to understand the purpose of suffering? How […]

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Dash In 'The Incredibles' Runs From Danger And Discovers A New Power

Being threatened caused Dash and his sister, Violet, to wield their powers and realize there was even more they could […]

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Man with Cerebral Palsy Competes In 72 Marathons After Docs Say 'Forget Him, Put Him In An Institution'

“Dad, when I’m running, it feels like my disability disappears.” Those words inspired Rick’s dad to run with him for […]

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Best Daddy Daughter Dance Ever!
Show Your Kids!

An awesome dad! Mike Carey warms your heart as he dances with his daughter McKenzie for the Summer PageantFest. Look […]

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How to Build Up Instead of Burn Holes in Our Kids' Self-Worth
Relevant Radio Interview

Here’s what we covered: What are examples of burning holes in your kids’ self-worth? What are examples of building up […]

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Who We Are

Strong Catholic Dad exists to help parents lead their families to heaven; dad leads as the head, mom as the heart. Founded by Michael O’Rourke, father of 12 (two in heaven), we equip parents to grow in their own relationship with the Lord, build fulfilling relationships with their kids, and pass on the Catholic Faith to their children.


Family Conquest

Family Conquest is a free, fun and effective way to build fulfilling relationships with your kids while passing on the Catholic Faith. The approach is simple: parents use viral YouTube videos as icebreakers to capture the attention and imagination of the whole family, and then turn that captivation into lively discussion about life and the Faith. It’s really cool.

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