Getting Started

A Step-by-Step


What does a family session using a See for Yourself! Guide look like?

Each dad is going to use the guides a little differently, but here’s a rough outline:


1. deciding how to show the videos

A phone or laptop will work well, but plugging into/streaming to your TV so that everything is on the big screen is usually best.


2. Starting The Guide

Log into your Strong Catholic Dad account, select See for Yourself! > The Guides and select the guide you want to follow. Click the “Start This Guide” button, gather your family, and start with a quick prayer. We provide sample prayers at the beginning of each guide.


3. Playing the Videos

Once you’ve opened in prayer, play the first video. Ask your kids the questions that follow the video. If you get off topic, that’s fine! This is a guide, not a lesson plan.

The foundational question to spur discussion for any video is “How does this video relate to the theme of the guide?” Over time, you will get really good at seeing more and more connections between creation, life, and the truths of our Catholic Faith.

Once you are done with the first video, click “Mark as Complete” to move on the next one. It is important that you click this button as it allows you to keep track of what you’ve done and what you still have left to do!


4. Bribing Your Kids

Many dads have found great success in “bribing” their kids into giving good answers by offering a bite of dessert (brownies, cookies, etc.) for each correct answer. This has been found to be one of the best ways to get all of your kids engaged as you strive to make this time more of a family ritual.


5. In Conclusion

Each guide contains an In Conclusion section, which includes a recap of what you’ve seen and some references from scripture. Once you have read those, close in prayer. Make sure to mark the guide as complete!

The Guides