See For Yourself!

What Is It?

See For Yourself! is a one-of-a-kind approach to fun, father-led family formation. Dad uses viral YouTube videos to capture the imagination of the whole family, and then turns that captivation into lively discussion about the Catholic Faith. It’s pretty cool.

We make implementing this approach easy by providing See for Yourself! Guides. These online guides include 5-8 hand-selected videos each, along with questions and answers designed to engage the whole family.

Why Would I Need It?

If you’re looking for an easy way to have fun with your kids, teach them the Catholic Faith, and be a hero in their eyes and the eyes of your wife, all at the same time, then the See for Yourself! approach is for you.

Dads who use this approach experience revitalization in their families. Their kids are more affectionate, their wives look at them differently, and their homes change for the better. Why? Because dad is embracing his God-given role as father, teacher, and leader. When he does that, his family blossoms.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Just check out the testimonials.

What Is

The Approach?

The See For Yourself! approach to family formation is to use the coolest videos on the internet to captivate your kids’ imaginations, and clever questions about those videos to transform that captivation into a search for Truth. How does it work?


1. Dad is #1

The See For Yourself! approach doesn’t replace dad, it equips him. In the intimacy of his own home, dad can engage his children, build relationships with them, and create opportunities for discussions about life through the clear lens of the Catholic Faith.


2. Start With Viral YouTube Videos

What better way to capture your family’s attention than with cool YouTube videos? Volcanoes erupting, athletes defying physics, Australians catching venomous snakes with their bare hands (and then using those snakes to catch a rabbit), these videos can be anything under the sun, as long as they’re engaging (and screened for family viewing).


3. Turn Those Videos into Discussions About the Faith

How do you get from a YouTube video to a discussion about the Faith? It might sound crazy, but the same way Jesus did. Jesus spoke in parables, simple stories that imprint deeply in our minds and offer ever new insights. The See for Yourself! Approach uses viral YouTube videos as parables. Just as the prodigal son can teach us about God’s unending love, so can a dad carrying his son to the finish line of an Olympic race. The question is simple: how can this video teach us about Truth and the Faith?

If coming up with these kinds of questions seems like a tall order, we offer ready-to-use See for Yourself! Guides, complete with both videos and questions.


4. Enjoy Your Time Together!

This is an opportunity to bond with your kids and let their personalities shine. You’ll be surprised at the insights they offer on each video and question – let them know that not only are they free to engage, but you are interested in what they have to say. Because you know what? Sometimes your kids will offer insights you’d never thought of before. And when they don’t, their answers are usually pretty cute.

Watching cool videos and discussing them with your kids isn’t just fun, entertaining, and easy – it’s also allowing you to spend precious time with your family. This type of faith and fun-centric bonding is foundational for a strong Catholic family.


The best part? You’re in charge. Not only will your kids be excited to see the videos, they’ll be excited that you are the one showing them.

The Results

For Your Kids

  1. Kids feel loved. When dad consistently takes the time to teach and engage his kids about the big questions of life and eternity, they feel cared for and accompanied. Add dad’s affirmation and interest, and kids feel stability and love. 
  2. Building Bridges. This approach opens the door to the type of family intimacy necessary to talk about the most important things in life. When kids feel heard and pursued by dad, they are willing to share their hearts, their fears, and their dreams. Kids open up and blossom. 
  3. Learning Priorities. “There is need of only one thing.” – Luke 10:42 God tells us that loving Him wholeheartedly is THE priority. When dad takes up this See for Yourself! approach, his kids not only learn what is most important, they also begin to experience God’s wonder and love themselves. They discover the joy of the only life priority worth living for, and dying for.

For Your Wife

  1. Wives feel loved. Very much so! When dad takes up the spiritual headship of the family, wives feel freed to step back into their desired role as heart of the family. They feel loved because dad “gets it” and has prioritized their kids and family in the most important area: eternal life.

For You

  1. Wives are warmer. Seriously. We hear this constantly. Wives feel loved and in turn are more affectionate and appreciative of dad. They look at dad with more delight and are more attracted to him. Pretty great, right?
  2. Kids are warmer. Dad gets extra smiles and hugs. Kids show more appreciation and are more cooperative and open with dad. The relationship gets easier and more fulfilling. 
  3. Dad feels more satisfied. He feels a surge in confidence from the warm response of his family. Dad can see his progress toward his greatest priority: to get his kids and wife to heaven. The goodness of God swells dad’s soul, since he is acting in accord with his own Father who desires all of His children to be with Him forever in Heaven.

How Do I

Get Started?

1. Commit to Consistent Father-led Family Formation

As with all the most important things in life, Father-led Family Formation only works if you commit. Just like you wouldn’t expect to put on 20 pounds of muscle without consistently hitting the gym and eating right, you can’t expect your family’s faith to grow if you’re not consistently exercising it. You have to commit.

Commit now. Time is of the essence. Each passing week further solidifies the eternal trajectory of your children. As Frederick Douglass said, “it is easier to build strong children than repair broken men.” Raising your children to be right with God is easy, ONLY if you do what God is calling you to do…this week!


2. Sign Up for the See for Yourself! guides

We believe See For Yourself! is the best approach to father-led family formation, and we make it easy by offering See for Yourself! Guides. These online guides include 5-8 embedded videos and age-appropriate questions and answers for transforming those videos into meaningful discussion. What does a volcano eruption teach us about sin? See For Yourself!

When you sign up, you will have access to every guide ever created. As you go through each one, it will be marked as complete, allowing you to keep track of the ones you’ve done. We are even planning giveaways for the families who use the guides most consistently, because we think that learning and growing your faith should be rewarding!

Sign Up!


3. Use One Guide With Your Family Every Week

Using a See For Yourself! Guide couldn’t be simpler:

  • Pull up this week’s guide on your phone or computer.
  • Show your kids the first video.
  • Use the included questions and answers to start a discussion.

That’s it! See For Yourself! can be used around the dinner table, in front of the TV, sitting fireside, or anywhere where you and your family are gathered. Engaging your family and growing in the Faith together is that simple.





It has now been about 6 months that we have been doing See for Yourself!. The program is easy to follow as you have done all the work. We hook a laptop up to the TV and use it like a monitor. We sit in the same seats we use to watch TV, so a comfortable setting. I have 4 kids: 15-, 13- and 4- year-old boys and 7-year-old girl. They all get things, at their own level, from the program. Typically, I'll ask the questions following the video to a specific child depending on the depth of the question and video. The breadth of the subjects is great. Some are spiritual, while others help explain why Catholics do things a certain way. I'm a new Catholic so this helps me a lot. All of us learn something each week! We do this on Tuesday evenings and have only missed one week after getting started. I have had kids remind me about it and on several occasions ask when the next one was....My wife has mentioned several times how much she likes the program and thanks me for it. I almost feel guilty about accepting her comments as really all the work has been done. All I have to do is click on videos and ask questions - that have answers! Plus I learn and enjoy the program...can't think of anything I would change.



"We love the guides!"



“I’ve been working through these guides with the family and they’re fantastic. Thank you for putting them together!”


West Virginia

“Beautiful reflections on venial and mortal sin. Powerful seeing the incorruptible saints. Thanks!”



“My daughter loves it.”



“I expected this program to help me be a better dad. What I didn’t expect was how it would affect my wife and kids. Frankly, my wife has been more warm toward me, grateful that I am dedicating this time with our children. My one son is not as verbally expressive. After each session, he gives me a hug! Amazing. Also, those analogies of natural things to represent spiritual realities are so impactful. For instance, the Guardian Angel Guide with the video about Mount Everest Sherpas being a representation of our guardian angels protecting us and leading us up the mountain was just so tangible, so clear. Thank you!”



“Excellent! My teen and I really were able to follow the guide easily, as with the other guides. The integration of different types of videos (informational and dramatic, etc.) that focused us in on the topic, really captured the attention of my teen. She was able to learn a lot because of that. Also, the videos are about real life stories at times and often times these stories are very moving, which will help us to remember the lesson later on. Thank you.”



“I have been enriched. This has been an excellent tool to foster deeper, loving, faith-filled relationships in my family. Dads make the difference.”



“This particular series of videos, (The Mass) my wife and I both agreed, were the best set that we’ve used so far. The points were clear, straightforward, and well reinforced in the videos and our kids, ages 6, 8 and 12 were particularly engaged. The kids were also able to answer the questions consistently and with greater detail than usual. We have been using these for 4 months. Thank You!”



“I finally had my first See for Yourself! night with kids. It went well. I mirrored from iPhone to TV & found I preferred to scroll down to questions without showing answers all at once. Thanks so much developing See for Yourself!. My wife and six kids loved it and I think it will force me to set the example more.”



“We really enjoyed it. We thought the progression of the videos showing the loyalty of the animals and then the loyalty in human relationships was very inspirational!”



“All of the videos are very well liked. We all love the videos and messages…thanks and blessings.”



“My kids loved the videos and my eight year old didn’t want it to end!”



“Thanks for putting this together! This really helped me and my children reflect on God’s love for each of us and my role as their father.”

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