Catholic Sprouts invited me to host their podcast this week and share 5 of my favorite saint stories. I agreed immediately, and to be honest, the only difficulty was in whittling it down to only 5.

Not only did Jesus promise that those who believe in Him will do greater things than He did (John 14:12) it’s already happened. Walking on water. Raising people from the dead. Literally flying. An invisible man.

If I had heard these stories as a kid, I would have been far more interested in my Catholic Faith. This stuff is not only real and witnessed by many, it’s SPECTACULAR! And inspiring.

I can’t encourage you enough to read these stories to your kids. You will be thrilled to further discover that our Catholic Faith is not only real, but powerful.

1. St. Hyacinth of Poland

He walks on water. Sees the Future. Raises the dead. Really. My kids and I just ate up his story.

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2. St. Stanislaus

He raised a man who had been dead for 3 years. He touched the skeletal bones which then enfleshed!

St. Stanislaus’s story is in the book Purgatory. Beware, this book is for teens and parents. Also, you have to read the preface of the book, which helps explain that the pains of Purgatory are scary ONLY if you don’t understand that they are offset by the happiness those souls feel knowing they will eventually make it to Heaven. Don’t read the book if you won’t read the preface. The book is shocking. The stories come from the Vatican archives. I found it inspirational. Judge for yourself.

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3. St. Padre Pio

He flies. He bilocates. He heals. He reads your soul.

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4. St. John Macias

Meet the invisible man. God answers His prayers and He teaches you how to pray like he did.

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