Zachary King, former Satanic high priest, turned faithful Catholic, explains what was on the document that he signed when he thought he was selling his soul to Satan. As a young boy, he started to play with magic spells, and the spells worked. He met other people who did spells and worshipped Satan. Since they looked happy, wealthy and powerful, he joined them. By the age of 13, he had broken all 10 commandments. After experiencing horrible depression and the terrible consequences of following the Devil, he converted to Catholicism.

*Audio Note: you will need to turn up the audio to hear this clip. Be sure to turn it back down when you are done.

(View segment from 10:38 to 12:30)

Spiritual Nuggets for Family Discussion

Open with a prayer.
(i.e. a Glory Be, or Our Father, or Hail Mary, or ‘Jesus, Mary, Joseph, we love You! Save souls!’)

Why can't you sell your soul to the Devil?

  • Because Jesus already owns your soul, since He purchased it on the cross.
  • The Devil is a liar and wanted Zachary to believe that he was stuck with the Devil forever.

How can a person break a bond to the Devil?

  • One good confession, or even a good contrition!

From what we read above, how did Zachary get to the point of giving himself over to the Devil?

  • He was attracted to the power of magic.
  • Also, the Satan worshippers appeared to be happy and wealthy.
  • So, Zachary was drawn in more and more.

Close with a prayer.

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